The Turquiose Suite    RC Gorman  

Lithographs  1999     19/100     A Rare Triptyck

All 33 x 27 Nicely Framed

$7,000. Compare at $16,000.

"Whirlwind"     Timothy Nevaquaya

Oils on Canvas  24 x 30

$1,800.      Compare at $2,500.

 ​Response to our acceptance of Art and Estate pieces for resale has been excellent and our Resale Showroom has many beautiful pieces for you to choose from. You'll find art work from, Charles Collins, Wm. Acheff, Ed Morgan, Thom Wheeler, Dennis Haggerty, Ray Vinella, Veloy Vigil, John Steele, and many others.

"Taos Night"     RC Gorman

Lithograph  1986  68/200  30 x 41  Nicely Framed

$3,000. Compare at $8,000.

Thunderbird Kachina      Thom Tex Wheeler

Wall Jewelery Sculpture      22 x 40

​$3,500.    Compare at $7,000.

"Storm Searcher"        Thom Tex Wheeler

Copper Enamel        36 x 24

​$1,800.  Compare at $3,800.

Seldom Creek Ranch accepts Art

These Very Collectible values available in our  Estate Sales Showroom now.

"The Blue Cigarette"    Robin Lieske

​Oils on Board   40 x 50  Nicely Framed (not shown)

$2,800.   Compare at $3,600.

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